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Our company, Rationis, is based on three core values: an innovative approach, a no-nonsense attitude and a satisfied customer. By using the latest technology, we are able to provide our clients with innovative and effective solutions. Thanks to our no-nonsense values, we approach our work in an honest and meaningful way, which helps us achieve results we can vouch for. It’s not just because of this that our clients and we are happy with the outcome at the end of the day.

We turn your ideas into innovative software.
Without compromise.
Rationis Development s.r.o.

Our process


Analysis & Consultation

At the beginning of the process, we conduct an analysis in which we work closely with clients to understand their unique needs, allowing us to create a precisely targeted software solution brief.

Project specification

The analysis results in clear requirements that are understood and agreed by both parties, so that we set the right course from the start.

Design & Prototyping

The next step is the design of the application and prototyping of the navigation and user interface, which allows it to be fine-tuned before the start of development and gives the customer an initial idea of the form of the emerging application.

Development & Testing

We develop iteratively, which allows for client involvement in the development thanks to their continuous feedback. This method increases the flexibility of development and accelerates the achievement of an optimal solution, responding to customer needs in real time.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Once the minimum functional prototype is ready, we present it to the customer and start collecting suggestions. In this way, our client monitors the application continuously and controls the desired direction of development.

Acceptance testing and handover

After the product development is completed, acceptance testing is performed by the client, who finally verifies everything and incorporates any comments. The product is then formally handed over to the customer.

Operation & Support

Wherever the client wishes, we offer traffic management and follow-up support. We are happy to develop the products further with additional functionalities.
Rationis Development s.r.o.

Our expertise

With our company, you will gain access to a wide range of expertise and skills. We specialize in Microsoft’s robust development ecosystem, which means developing in C# using .NET and Azure tools and their cloud-native services. Our team will ensure you both select the optimal solution, whether in the cloud, on-premise or on endpoint devices, and deploy and manage it. For web applications, we leverage the JavaScript ecosystem and the React library for frontend development and ASP.NET for the backend part of the solution. For mobile apps, we use Xamarin.Forms or React Native, so we can develop your complete job without a lot of unnecessarily complex solutions and an excessive amount of disparate technologies. The simplicity of our solutions is their strength.

Rationis Development s.r.o.

Why do you choose us?

Complete service from A to Z
Complete service from A to Z

Our goal is to save you time and energy. Thanks to our versatile team, we provide a full range of development services, from requirements analysis to final implementation.

Individual approach
Individual approach

We understand that every project is different, as are the needs of our clients. We tailor our services to best suit your specific requirements and guarantee a personal, bespoke approach.

We work globally
We work globally

Our experience working in multilingual and multicultural teams enables us to communicate and collaborate effectively with clients and partners around the world.

Certified professionals
Certified professionals

Our developers hold a number of certifications in software development, demonstrating their expertise and deep knowledge.We are a Microsoft silver software development partner and a member of the Microsoft for ISV program.

Simplicity and efficiency
Simplicity and efficiency

We create software that is not only simple and efficient, but also sustainable and easily scalable, providing clients with cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or performance.This approach allows us to deliver value that exceeds expectations.

Your satisfaction
Your satisfaction

We focus on your absolute satisfaction by approaching your projects with the utmost care, attention to detail and personalized service. Our efforts are dedicated to providing solutions that are in line with your expectations.

Automatizace & IoT Sport
Rationis Development s.r.o.

Sectors that are our domain

During our tenure, we have already developed software solutions for various industries including finance and banking, operational automation, IoT, and sports and recreation. Our wide range of bespoke software development services has enabled us to work with clients in these key areas in particular.

  • Finance and Banking: We help financial institutions innovate and improve their services through advanced software solutions that improve efficiency, security and user experience.
  • Automation/IoT: Our expertise in automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) enables us to develop intelligent systems and applications that optimize processes and improve efficiency in industrial and home environments.
  • Sport We have experience in creating our own booking system Rezzy for service providers and sports facilities on the one hand and an app for athletes as end users on the other hand. These apps facilitate the booking and management of sports activities, provide users with an overview of their activities and thus promote a healthy lifestyle.

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